halaman organik workshop

creating a healthy family and healthy environment

This two days workshop will bring you to a new horizon of organic understanding and practical knowledge of growing your own foods at home. It is not just about technical aspects, more importantly, you will gain the understanding, concept and principles of organic. You’ll enjoy a new organic experience and knowledge.

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• May 23-24, 2015 (open for public, register NOW! seats are limited)
• Regular workshop will not be held during fasting month (Ramadhan) and Hari Raya Celebration. Next regular workshop will be on August, 2015.  The exact date will be informed later.
Halaman Organik is the edible garden, a combination of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and ornamental. Halaman Organik is the source of fresh and healthy food supply such as vegetables, herbs and fruits. Flowers and ornamental plants are supporting the organic environment as an integrated solution. Halaman Organik is a garden which is considering the aesthetic value and at the same time utilizing any spaces at your home with variety of growing techniques. Waste management is applied to increase the value of healthy environment at Halaman Organik.

Based on our experiences, observations and knowledge, in order to achieve sustainability aspect, we suggest the implementation of Halaman Organik at home yard only. We do not recommend the implementation at idle space or public space unless very tight discipline is implemented. Otherwise, the project will only last in a short time.

Everyone may know how to grow vegetables. However, when you grow vegetables organically at home with very limited space, there are things to consider such as :
• growing pattern
• space management
• managing pest through integrated pest control
• maintaining aesthetic aspect
• waste management
• etc
You’ll need the right knowledge in order to be able to set up and run Halaman Organik in a right way. Participants will also be able to have on going consultation after the workshop.
The success of Halaman Organik is when family can harvest fresh and healthy vegetables & herbs as needed and in regular basis. This situation is automatically creating a healthy environment too.
• It does not require special agriculture knowledge. Organic is a new discipline, so that you’ll need some organic knowledge. Your knowledge will increase accordingly as time goes by.
• Backyard is generally attended by family member, no need additional man power, no need special person to be responsible to take care on Halaman Organik. Every family member may participate
• At Halaman Organik, there is no one time harvest in bulk quantity. You’ll harvest as needed and continued
Healthy and Fresh
• Residue contamination is 100% at our control. No chemical nutrition/fertilizers/hormone like at all, no chemical pesticides at all. And also you’ll use only clean water
• Fresh vegetables and herbs are always available at backyard, reducing the requirement of chiller space
Economic and Practical
• Save monthly budget while obtaining healthy crops
• Reduce requirement to go to supermarket, save time and money, reduce carbon footprint
• Flexibility to grow the varieties you like
• Combination of vegetables, herbs, ornamental (and fruits) provide beautiful view
• Rotation and companion techniques make your garden view always changed dynamically
Care for the Environment
• The absence of chemical nutrition/fertilizers and pesticides, creates a healthy environment for soil, crops and human
• Healthy soil tend to have good porousity which make better rain water absorption
• Implementation of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle will also reduce the amount of waste production
Upon the completion of workshop, you should be able to :

• Gain the understanding of organic agriculture, organic foods, healthy foods and market realities. You should be able to wisely choose good organic products or healthy products
• Gain understanding on organic application at Halaman Organik
• Gain understanding on growing principles and concept, growing pattern, space management and sustainability
• Gain understanding on growing techniques, conventional gardening and modern gardening. With concept and principles on hand, you should be able to explore your own methodology
• Utilize household waste for Halaman Organik through Reduce-Reuse-Recycle concept

We emphasize the concepts and principles, not just technical aspects.

Description Day-1 Day-2
09:00 – 16:00
09:00 – 13:00
Organic & Healthy Life
Set Up Halaman Organik
Farm Tour Explanation & Discussion
DAY-1, location : FAM Organic Home DAY-2, location : FAM Organic Parongpong
• Opening the organic horizon

• Principles and concept of organic agriculture

• Organic Standard application

• Organic products criteria

• The players

• Why Halaman Organik

• Halaman Organik concept

• Healthy House (Rumah Sehat) concept

• Growing processes

• Growing patterns and space management

• Organic approach

• Integrated Pest Management

• Waste Management and the utilization for Halaman Organik

• Practices :

• Seeding the seeds

• Transplanting the baby

• Farm Tour• Explanation and Q&A the processes of our organic farm• On farm fresh vegetables and herbs shopping• Extend the Q&A while having lunch

Note : delivery is in Bahasa

The workshop is designed for :
• Those who has awareness or start to have awareness on healthy foods for healthy life for their own and family
• Famly member who has been detected an illness and required by the doctor to consume healthy foods especially vetegables
• Family member who his/her family has illness history which may be infected to him/her
• Retiree or pre-Retiree for gaining a healthy life (physical health, mental, social and ecology)
• NGO or CSR who run green program
• Those who have concern on healthy family and healthy environment

The wokshop is suitable for beginner, experienced and hobbyist

Note : We do not recommend to send Gardener (tukang kebun) to attend unless accompanied by the owner/employer. The workshop content is more on concept and principles discussion rather than just technical.

FAM Organic provides subsidy fee for students and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) who runs non-profit oriented environmental program. Please read the terms and conditions.

Category Day-1 and 2 Day-1 only

Terms & Conditions :
• Payment is through bank transfer to BCA No.2332569091 or Bank MANDIRI No. 1310007926571 for Soeparwan Soeleman
• Student is required to email scan of student identify before woskhop schedule
• Maximum 2 (two) students for one school/university. Additional student should pay full (Public)
• Student subsidy is available only when payment source is from self funding. Should third party pays the fee, student fee is not applied
• NGO Subsidy is meant for non-profit NGO that’s running urban farming program
• NGO should email/fax the letter, signed by the chairman, about the program being run and request for subsidy fee. Email/fax should have been received before workshop schedule
• Maximum 2 (two) participants for one NGO. Additional participant should pay full (Public)
• NGO subsidy is available only when payment source is from self funding. Should third party pays the fee (such as project sponsor), regular fee is applied.
• Fees exclude transportation and accommodation
• Workshop fee may change without prior notice. New fee will also be applied to participants who defer the schedule.

Registration :
• Email : Registration
• Call : 022 8202 7272 or 082121 727282
• Visit FAM Organic Home

Rule of Registration :
• Every registration is considered as unconfirmed until we receive workshop payment
• Seats will be given to those who have made the payment regardless time of registration
• When you made payment without informing us, and it happened the seat is no longer available, we will refund for full amount for BCA and Bank Mandiri. Refund to other bank will be subject to bank transfer fee. You may have opt to wait until D-1 or D day in case there is cancellation. You may also have opt to take next schedule workshop (you will automatically get the seat).
• Refund will be processed 3 (three) days at the latest after workshop and bank information is completed
• FAM Organic has the right to postpone the workshop when the participants are less than 10 (ten)
• FAM Organic has the right to postpone or cancel the workshop due to force majeure situation. Refund will be done when the situation is settled.

Payment : BCA No.2332569091 for Soeparwan Soeleman Bank MANDIRI No. 1310007926571 for Soeparwan Soeleman

Suggested amount of transfer is added by last 2 digit of your mobile phone to ease the tracing. Please inform us a.s.a.p once you have made the payment.

Every participant will get :
Day-1 :
• Halaman Organik book, written by Soeparwan Soeleman and Donor Rahayu, published by Agromedia
• Workshop handout
• Starter kit (seeds, media mixed, seeding tray/container)
• Snack 1x and lunch 1x including FAM Organic salad
• One pack of FAM Organic vegetables
• Lunch 1x

Note :
• We do not provide transportation to FAM Organic Parongpong. You may join other participants.
• We do not provide accommodation. Should you need nearby hotel, following is the list : Summer Hills – (022) 2011100, Gegerkalong Asri – (022) 200 4663, Pilatus – (022) 2014215 / (022) 2009080, The Majesty Hotel – (022) 2002485, Zodiak Hotel – (022) 87775301, Ahadiat Hotel – (022) 2005870, dan Garden Permata Hotel – (022) 2011000. Hotel listed is just for reference only. FAM Organic does not have any information on the service quality and facilities. Please contact them for more information. We recommend to do reservation earlier since hotels in Bandung is normally fully booked over the weekend.

Deferred Schedule
• Can be done in 3 (three) days before D-day at the latest
• New schedule is subject to seat availability
• When deferral is done in less than 3 (three) days before D-day, it can only be done when we have wait list or replacement participant
• When there is no wait list nor replacement participant, deferral can not be done. It is considered as cancellation. We strongly suggest you to send replacement. Schedule deferral can only be done in 1 (one) time

• Can be done in 5 (five) days before D-day at the latest
• We will refund subject to administration fee of Rp.5,000 and bank transfer fee if refund is to bank other than BCA and Bank Mandiri
• When cancellation is done in less than 5 (five) days before D-day, payment is NOT refundable.
• We strongly suggest to send replacement or defer the schedule (see T&Cs of Deferred Schedule). If there is no replacement and no schedule deferral, we will send Halaman Organik book and handout to your address.

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