FAM Organic Home

The integrated solution for

Healthy Family & Healthy Environment


Halaman Organik

Roof Top Garden

Easy to set up


Halaman Organik

Vertical Garden

Save Space


Halaman Organik

Sky Garden

Utilize open space


FAM Organic Parongpong

Organic farming

Eco Edutainment - Student Research - Internship


FAM Organic Parongpong

Premium vegetables and herbs

Daily harvest, keep it fresh


Healthy Foods

Process your own foods

Full control of ingredients, hygiene and nutrition


Eco Souvenirs

Truly green and prestigious souvenirs

For wedding events, green event, individual events, personal gift etc


Halaman Organik Workshop

Understanding organic

Set up Halaman Organik

Basis for organic farming

solution for healthy people and healthy environment
Health is the wholeness and integrity of living systems. Healthy life is not just a physical health, but also the maintenance of mental, social and ecological well-being. Physical health once relies heavily on healthy food which is best prepared at home with healthy ingredients and the right processes.
It is about the attitude, healthy, fairness and care attitude with respect to human beings, living critters and environment.It is about organic lifestyle.
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Growing your own food at home and bringing them up to the table will give you not just physical health, but also the maintenance of mental, social and ecology. Check out the schedule and detail workshop. Register now, seat are limited.

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Competency & Trustworthy
member of IFOAM

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IFOAM : International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

FAM Organic and famO are the registered brands of PT. FAMILI EKOKULTURA, an eco socio culture based company for healthy people and healthy environment.
FAM Organic delivers the integrated solution from upstream to downstream for better control of healthy environment and healthy products. First thing first is focusing on upstream through organic rural farming and organic urban farming. People will have opt to grow your own or just buy a healthy vegetables from trusted farms.  Our urban farming, FAM Organic Home is located in Bandung city, while our rural farming, FAM Organic Parongpong, is located in Parongpong, West Bandung regency and FAM Organic Tenjolaya, is located in Tenjolaya, Mount Salak, Bogor.

From organic farming and gardening to kitchen and table is our route to downstream journey to a physical health following the upstream journey.

Consume organic, be healthy and save the planet through organic farming and gardening

FAM Organic Home

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